Hello I'm Sara I was in a domestic abuse from my ex husband Oscar Diaz and I can't get into a apartment or a house because this mess about Camelot apartment's was on my credit and I went through counseling and everything you can name and police . I was in the apartment for three days and I was abused hit by Oscars truck and beat to a pulp because I wanted to leave to go to Missouri to be with my mother and the old apartment manager messed up my credit and now I'm sitting here talking to you trying to get this mess off.

I was told I shouldn't have to pay for anything because I was in a domestic violence. I'm not paying for this after I have been through *** I want this mess gone off my credit . I have papers that proof I was in a womans crisis center because of my domestic abuse with Oscar Diaz . I'm trying to get into a apartment but I can't until this Camelot apartment's Credit *** is clean.

Need off today !!!!!!!! And I'm not paying for nothing

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