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first of all...they are some crooks...i called a home rent to own place ro try and rent to own a house. little did I know that this was a bait in order for lexington law to get people to sign up promising to repair you credit.

so I signed up...its been three months and 300 dollars in the hole with no improvements. if you like throwing money away. then go ahead and give them your bank account information. this is the worst move I have ever made.

dont even let them talk to you because they are such good liars that they will have bank account information before you know what happened....if you choose to try them out don't be mad at them for not improving your credit. if your reading this then you've been warned.what thier selling is somthing you can do with an hour of internet research!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lexington Law Credit Repair.

Monetary Loss: $330.

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Im cancelling


Thank you for your feedback


Thank you..I knew it must have been some kinda catch because they'vee been saying for 2 weeks that they're sending me a list of homes and I still haven't received it...maybe because I don't need them to work on my credit


You are right they are a hoax.


I agree I signed up with a rent to own program. They baited me in to sign up with Lexington Law promising go send a listing of houses in 72 hours which I never received. I did everything they asked me too gave up my account information and all with no results.

to Keuannya Lee #1437168

I recieved the list I just dont know if I SHOULD MOVE FOWARD OF NOT

to Anonymous #1544819

They sent me a list of homes and also the name of a local realtor... I'm curious, what happened with your situation?

to Keuannya Lee #1475313

i just did the same thing and now im trying to find home listing


I have been with them for a month and they have already remove negative items and raised my credit score. I am very happy with their service.

to Anonymous #1403929

Same here...jumped 50 points in 30 days so far!! People forget that you still have to pay the debt regardless.


I have had them for over six months they have took my credit from all bad to I can get credit cards and loans in my name I would diffently recomeand them


Crazy ! They raised my credit score 102 points in 2 months!! Happy consumer : )

Laurel, Maryland, United States #1234893

I used Lexington Law and they have done a wonderful job improving my credit..It take a long time and lots of patience. I have tried to do it myself before I found Lexington Law and the admin was killing me..The secret is to keep all your correspondence to the creditors flowing every 30 days..

Riverhead, New York, United States #1230291

Very Good Company! They Helped me Booster my Credit.

It's Definitely Worth it. I left them when I lost my job then I messed my credit up again.

My Advice be Patient and let them do Their Job!


I've used Lexington law in the past & the completely cleared my credit & did what they said they were going to do...I would work with them again...I am a victim of identity theft & they fixed my credit completely.... My credit score is 750

Upper Marlboro, Maryland, United States #957887

I currently don't use Lexington Law, but I did for a little over a year. They are pretty good in my opinion.

I went from a 580 to a 696 in only a year.

I only stopped, because my credit is back on track and I no longer needed them. Hopefully, I will never be in a bad credit situation again, but if I were I would definitely use them again.

Parkersburg, West Virginia, United States #950258

dude i had lexigton law for a month and never even paid them for the first and could not make a payment they got my credit score from 400 something to 600 in a month. and now im back with them and they took me back and took 2 more things of my credit...this company is amazing!


It makes me wonder if opposing credit companies are posting these reviews.

Lex Law...I haven't used their services cause I have good credit, but a couple of friends and coworkers of mine have. They have removed lots of negative things off their credit.

Can someone fix their credit themselves? I'm sure, but

just as someone can do their taxes themselves.

Doesn't mean they will do it as well, results vary with level of expertise.


the other thing I love about reading these comments from a disgruntled slackersis when they say you can do this yourselfyeah good luck with that one, using only what we know as the basis for the logic we know that you're not going to do it yourself you're not disciplined enough or you most likely would not be in a bad credit situation and I don't want to hear people saying all identity theft I didn't do this we know you're full of s*** if you believed you were suckered by Lexington Law think again. you're paying somebody to do a service for you whether you can or cannot do it yourself is not an issue if you're not doing it yourself, and where's the testimony from everybody that did it themselves and were successful?

I deal with bad credit people all the time and they all think that magically things should happen with very little or no cost to themand to that I say get your head out of your *** and wake updo it yourself or don't do it yourself. if you decide the latterthen don't complain about the results, they fit six hundred thousand customers, they are the leaders in credit repair for a reason, I'll take my chances with the proven success of a company like lexington law over the disgruntled crybaby complaints of a customer who probably have credit so bad that he was never going to get all the way clean .


This guy is a clown. what he does not mention is that he is the imbecile that ruined his credit in the first place Lexington Law does everything they can to try to fix the damage that people do to themselves if it is not successful it is not the fault of Lexington Law remember you're the *** that got your credit screwed in the first placeI had a verysuccessful and beneficial experience with Lexington Lawfor those who read your commentsyou are now warned that Lexington Law cannot fix ***.

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