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When I signed up with them they misinformed me that I would only be charged $119.95 for both my husband & I. But I looked at my bank account statement today & I was charged $119.95 for me & $99.95 for my husband. I called them & they would only offer me a free month next month which is not helping me this month so I canceled them. I am very disappointed with this company & I am considering calling our Atty General to file a complaint against... Read more

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Say they wont take money from your acount if you cancel and still take money and wont refund it

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Not very honest people. Do not use.

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Lexington Law are a bunch of crooks and will charge you repeatedly with poor service

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I hope to provide detailed understanding of how Lexington Law functions and what exactly you get for your money. Review will be somewhat long but at the end you will have the full picture that will allow you to make your own decision on whether you want to hire them or not. Also, by explaining what they do for your money with all of their approaches, you might chose to do it yourself since it’s fairly simple to replicate their actions and you... Read more

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I am very dissatisfied with this company. I contacted them to inform them that due to financial changes. I couldn't afford to work with them. They weren't cooperative. I paid $19.95. I contacted them before the $99 was due. They tried to take $99 off my card regardless. I later found out that my card was charged additional $19.95. I called them again to inform them again that I couldn't afford the program. The customer service representative was... Read more

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I heard about Lexington law helping people get into houses with no deposit as long as you pay your rent in time and allow them to help with your credit score. I wasn't completely convinced so I said I didn't have the 14.99 in my bank account to give to them and the person on the phone offered to overdraft my account the 15 dollars since I had the money to go out in it later. Never have I ever heard of a company willing to overdraft your bank... Read more

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I had signed up for Lexinton Law this morning. They were so convincing and everything sounded good. I really need to buy a house and my credit is not quite good enough. I gave them my information and I gave it to them. Then asked about my husbands and I gave it to them specifically telling them not to do anything with his until he contacted them. They still opened a case for him and charged me a fee for him. They cant talk to me even though... Read more

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for 5 months i tried these people becuase of the advertising. for 5 months i saw nothing. i ended up missing my closing becuase of them. i kept calling to check in and everytime it was somebody different. i told them how important is was to and what i was trying to get done. 500 gone and then i lost my earnest money. if it wasnt for mmcreditsolutions i would still be screwed. lexington just said the right stuff to get me to sign up and then as... Read more

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Put things back on credit after you stopped using them

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