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Lexington Law
Main address: PO Box 510290 84151 Salt Lake City UT
1-800-214-0922, , http://www.lexingtonlaw.com/_pop/pop.php?&tid=2003.0.google
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  • $17.5K claimed losses
  • $270 average
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  • 1 day ago
  • Lawyers
  • Santa Rosa, California
  • Account Cancellation
  • 44

I inquired with Lexington Law to see if they could help increase my credit score. I don't have many accounts on my credit but most were all negative. I asked them point blank..."With this few accounts would you be able to make a difference?" It might take a few months and can't guarantee anything but our track records has helped many just as yourself. Well nothing has happened over the last 6... Read more

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I called on 6/28/14 to cancel services with Lexington Law...The firm continued to deduct $99.95 from my bank ACCT for July & August....I live on a fixed income and can not afford this service..that is $99.95 l could have paid toward my debts. I mean for the deduction to be stopped from my checking acct...I expect to see the July & August puts refunded to my bank... Add comment

  • Aug 12
  • Lawyers
  • Company Service
  • 285

I signed up just like everyone else but wanted to share my experience to defend LL a little bit. I actually had a pretty straightforward and easy to understand operator. The payments were describes simply and accurately. In the first week, ten letters were sent out on my behalf. In that time I made one phone call and two emails that were promptly replied. Then I read the reviews. They terrified... Read more

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I was still talking and she hung up on me because I couldn't afford to pay their monthly payments. I swear the person I was talking to is a straight b**** Add comment

  • Jul 14
  • Lawyers
  • Santee, South Carolina
  • Unauthorized Charges
  • 1
  • 199

I WAS ON A MONTH BY MONTH ACCOUNT AND WAS CHARGED 3 PAYMENTS IN 45 DAYS!!! ive read thousands of bad reviews and complaints...and there is a problem with this criminal organisation...or simply put...they would not generate so many complaints...the banks..government agencies,,law enforcement..and hundreds of websites know of the reputation of lexingtonlaw and (john c heath) ....im really... Read more

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They withdrew money after the account was canceled. I closed credit card account (reported it lost) and was charged 3 months later on the new account number. How did they get my new account number? I think they are fraudulently obtaining information from credit Karma Add comment

  • Jun 24
  • Professional Services
  • Columbus, Georgia
  • Cancellation Charge
  • 160

These people are a joke. Canceled service and they say they charge at the end of the month and I canceled after they did almost a whole month of work, ***!!!!! Over five or 6 months they had 1 thing removed from my credit and wanted an updated credit report. I cancelled and the lady said we can give you regular service at a cheaper price, I declined so I got charged the $99.99 fee three days... Read more

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  • Jun 20
  • Finances
  • Credit Repair
  • 135

What's worse than getting kicked in the nuts? That's right! Paying someone to kick you in the nuts. That's what you get with this clowns. They don't do what they say, they drag the case out for months, and they get offended if you try to call and talk to them about it. Chalk this up to kicking myself in the nuts. Should have read the reviews here before using them. Beware. Not just because it is... Read more

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  • Jun 02
  • Lawyers
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Account Withdrawal
  • 7
  • 172

Be aware of this horrible lexington law firm. When you call them, they will really impress you to loot your money. They have placed some really impressive talking professional during your first calls. Later on, they keep looting your money but they work for nothing. Its just useless and they are highway robberers. They have deducted 99.99 for 6 months and even after closing the account, they... Read more

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