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Thats a bunch of ***. I always had my $99.00 payed on time for the 4 months I had service with Lexington Law. My boyfriends payment was never there on time so they didnt tell me nothing or even asked me if they could use my credit card to pay his $99.00 I just noticed after the third month that 125.00 kept dissappearing. So I called my card company and found out that Lexington Law was taking his... Read more

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i was was with them for 11 months at almost 100 bucks a month. 3 items came off in 6 months and then 2 of them CAME BACK!!!! a whole lot of wasted time that i cant get back. i ended up loosing the place i wast trying to rent to own because i could get a straight answer on how long the whole process would take. what made it worse was tht i afterwards i found mm credit solutions and they got me... Read more

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Phone wait times are impossible. I called the enrollment line to get through even though I am an existing client. They switched me back into the service line again, and I was unable to get through. This happened several times. Clearly, it is more than obvious, that they cannot handle the business. Don't work with them with this bad service. They need to stop enrolling until they get this... Read more

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I was with them for 11 months. they got off 3 items within a couple months of starting to use them and then 6 months later 2 were back on !!! after wasting that 99 dollars for that long I listened to my wife and used mm credit solutions. 4 months later I was in MY OWN home. I work to hard for mines to keep throwing money away and with Lexington I got tired of talking to all these different... Read more

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Very angry, paralegal told me that they would take $99 out of loan I would get and not card, because I told him I didn't have the money because of my financial situation . Well they charged my credit card....knowing that I don't have the money to pay for it. I have bills to pay. So, I let it go and cancel before next billing and they tell me I owe the $70 something dollars for them... Read more

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My boyfriend and I was trying to get our credit repaired together. I forgot to tell you something important. When we signed up with Lexington Law they charged us $12.99 each for the sign up and 50.00 for the first month. No big deal. So I did my app with them first and gave them my credit card number. Now that was for my part. Then it was my boyfriend turn. He signed up and gave is card number.... Read more

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I did just close on my very first home for me and my daughter but not thanks to lexington law. lexington law has sales people that call themselves paralegals (this has to be illegal). they talk to you fast and smooth and promise you everything under the moon! I was with them for 18 months until i found out that they were only going after a few of my accounts and not all of them. this pissed me... Read more

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HORRIBLE. I stated I needed 20pt credit jump in three months- The rep. stated that would definitely happen. Stated 1/3 of my negative items would be off in three months- that would be at least 6 or 7. After two months I cancelled because I only had ONE item removed from ONE credit reporting agency($220 later).The initial rep. Stated I would pay a startup fee of like 19.99 or 12.99(can't remember)... Read more

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I dont have any problems so far so good my score going up and they deleted lot negative items i so happy i hope i can buy my home soon. Add comment

They did nothing to change my credit report. They just took my money and only kept sending our repeat letters to creditors which was just spinning their wheels, stalling to keep you on the hook. Would not recommend. You can do what they do yourself without spending $99 a month. After multiple consultations and broken promises I chose to no longer use their services. I was very disappointed as my... Read more

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