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  • Not up front about charges2 votes
  • Unauthorized charge2 votes
  • Unauthorized charges2 votes
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I want to know if they rip off people. Add comment

My information leaked out into some scammers hands from lexington law firm! Add comment

  • 2 days ago
  • Lawyers
  • Prior Lake, Minnesota
  • Credit Repair
  • 135

My name is jeff i heard about lexington law firm they say they can help you with you with your credit scores witch is fine but y pay $99.95 amonth to have a bunch of paralegals do a one person job and they practically have all your info! But wy cant they assign one paralegal person to help you and they cant even talk or call you back its always email! So you have a bunch of paralegals having your... Read more

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  • Mar 26
  • Lawyers
  • Cameron, Missouri
  • Credit Repair
  • 284

I got a call went thru the verbal process,gave my personal info., ss,dob,ect. Then this woman started telling me my past due accounts. She then became persistant about wanting me to commit to a $99.99 a month fee for services. I was reluntant, asking more questions,such as what does this $99.99 get me from you? And she started saying saying things such as: well,you can stay in your current... Read more

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  • Mar 20
  • Lawyers
  • Fremont, California
  • Credit Repair
  • 400

i have bad credit so when this opportunity came i was happy to finally get some help. the issue was the re-occurring $99.95 a month that i expressed i could not afford. they told me that they would work with me and when i went to cancel 8 days later they told me i will be charged $99.95 regardless because its after 6 days. this was NOT disclosed to me at all, if the $99.95 was an issue to begin... Read more

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I paid LexLaw $99/month for a year with no significant change in credit score. I gave them documentation on the most important account and they got nothing done on it. They sent letters to 3 creditors per month many of which came back to me showing they had sent it to the wrong address. When I complained they never responded. Useless company and complete waste of money. Add comment

  • Mar 19
  • Collection Agencies
  • Hacienda Heights, California
  • Credit Repair
  • 399

Everything was great at the beginning they helped me removed all the collections accounts I had outstanding. I cancelled their service after 3 months due to loosing my job and was not bale to pay for their service. Now its been 6 months and the collections I had before are coming back on my credit report. I called their legal department and they said they couldn't help me since it up to the... Read more

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They took my money and did nothing. I closed my account and they still took my money. Had to change bank account number. Add comment

They just took $30 something out of my account and only $12 something is what I agreed to. I'm disputing the charges now but that don't help my account being over drawn. Add comment

  • Mar 10
  • Lawyers
  • Aurora, Colorado
  • Positive Experience
  • 339

I'm really confused with the Negative comments. As far as I've seen they have helped me tremendously with my credit. Always sending me information about changes and my score actually went up more than 30 points in my first month with them. I'm very grateful for the work they are doing, granted the fee is much but they are obviously working hard and making progress for my past mistakes dealing... Read more

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